NNP Expresses Electoral Concerns

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Meanwhile, The New National Party has learnt through the news media on Tuesday 29th.Nov. that a shipment of electronic equipment costing over two million dollars has just been received by the electoral office .

While the NNP is not opposed to the general upgrading of our institutions, we are particularly concerned about the rush to spend such a large sum of money exceeding over two million dollars at a time when our people are facing mass unemployment, businesses are closing down, people are suffering, mothers can hardly put food on the table, but the priority of the NDC  Government  seems bent on investing our scarce resources  in new  electronic  equipment for the Electoral  Office.

The NNP wishes to remind the public that the NDC  won an election under an existing system and is now investing in a new one  which has been proven  NOT  to be fully secured as reported by CNN, CBS, CBC  and other news outlets . We therefore wish to inform the public that  several  electronic  voter  registration  and voter machine systems  are still prone  to many problems  as reported  throughout the United States, Canada and England, with  questionable  practices  possible such as vote tampering, hacking and patch implants as been the then “breaking News .“  

The New National Party has found statements and even a present  lawsuit  to show that even “voter registration electronic  equipment “ are easily hacked and tampered with to provide the desired results on election day.

The New National Party is therefore calling on the Office of his Excellency, the Governor General to look into this troubling  matter  with  great  urgency.