NNP's response to the planned arrest of Top NNP Members by the NDC Administration

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Despite being advised by certain eminent legal professionals that there is absolutely no basis for filing any charges against the NNP leadership, the NDC administration seemingly has gone ahead in hiring a special prosecutor from outside of the country, at tremendous financial cost, in order to harass the NNP leadership.

In the opinion of the NNP, this harassment is being done for three main reasons:
i.  to appease certain NDC supporters who have been severely critical of the NDC administration for not following up on their pre-election allegations of corruption against the NNP, and
ii.  to instigate a diversionary tactic so that Grenadians may tend to forget the dire economic woes which the country is now facing
iii.  to distract Grenadians from the division and deteriorating conditions within the NDC Government and Party.
Grenadians will recall that since coming into government in July 2008, the present NDC administration has done absolutely nothing to improve the lives of Grenadians. Grenadians are in a worse position today than in July of 2008. The Health care system is on the verge of collapse; many poor and disadvantaged people have to pay more for their children’s school books today than two and a half years ago; moreover, there are fewer job opportunities today. All these have come about as a result of the gross mishandling of the economy by the NDC government.
The NDC administration, by their direct actions, has chased away investment opportunities, as was done with the Grand Beach Project, the Sauteurs Port Project and others. They stultified other employment opportunities as in the CCC and Grenville Market Square and Bus Terminal projects. They continue to mismanage the country’s scarce resources by engaging in many non-productive travelling arrangements for ministers , the un-necessary purchase of voter registration equipment costing over two million dollars at a time when our people are suffering from the effects of mass unemployment which is now nearing almost fifty percent and in the payment of elaborate salaries for their close associates. The NDC’s actions have led the country into such an economic malaise that it is causing deep national frustration among all sectors including the business and private sectors.
The New National Party is therefore strongly advising Grenadians that they must not be fooled by any attempt by the NDC to divert their attention from the economic state of affairs of the country which has been caused by the NDC and worsened by the division within the NDC camp. Grenadians must see the NDC for what they are. They do not know how to govern and they do not care about people, except themselves.
The New National Party stands solidly behind the leadership of the party, and will be keeping the public apprised of this ugly plot.