The “Irrational and Gross Arrogance” sf Senator Arly Gill

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St. George’s Grenada, August 15, 2011 – The Public Relations Officer of the New National Party, Winston Garraway, has taken issue with Senator Gill for gross arrogance and dishonesty. .
According to Garraway, it is not surprising that Senator Gill would condemn the former Minister for Sports for criticising the Government's stopping the rebuilding of the Athletic Stadium as this is the modus operandi of the NDC - accusations, lies and propaganda, seeking to further deceive the population as they did prior to the General Elections of July 8th 2008. What is amazing are not the dishonest statements, but  their stark contradiction to previous utterances from other members of the NDC, or actions subsequently taken. When Senator Gill claimed that "We are on record as giving our word to reconstruct a better and more modern Athletic Stadium…,” he had forgotten what his colleague and present Minister for Sports  had told Parliament and the nation. Hon. Patrick Simmons then clearly put forward the NDC's position ".… there was no need for this massive structure. That is the issue [referring to the cricket stadium]. Mr. Speaker they were about to make the same mistake again with the Athletic Stadium; but we are happy for July 8th 2008 which actually put a stop to it" (LISTEN TO THE AUDIO CLIP ATTACHED OF MINISTER SIMMONS) thereby denying Grenadians the opportunity to see our star athletes Kirani James and Rondell Bartholomew compete here in Grenada.
NDC and now Senator Gill's  attack on the integrity of the former NNP Sports Minister , Hon. Roland Bhola is based on personal dislike as well as the inherent nature of that group.  The facts are: While as Minister of Sports, Hon. Bhola hosted a delegation of 17 Chinese as the first phase of implementing the agreement to rebuild the Stadium.  They – the Chinese met with the stake holders for their input in the design and rebuilding of the facility.  It is time that Senator Gill and the NDC wake up and realize that this senseless propaganda campaign against well intentioned and honest Grenadians who have and is still making a valuable contribution to nation building will not work again.  WE WILL NOT BE DECEIVED AGAIN WITH YOUR LIES NDC.
It is said that Senator Gill’s arrogance has also been directed against his own pack.  His alleged outburst on the Prime Minister over the Tempo fiasco "… old man shut your mouth. I gave you this position and if you continue to fret me I’ll take it back"  if true, speaks volumes about the character we are dealing with. If Senator Gill was the only lawyer in Grenada, then ‘Crapo smoke we pipe.'
Grenadians should never forget the election lies and must never believe anything that Senator Gill or NDC says. Just remember that the NDC gave their word to the IMANI’s “… not one single Imani will be sent home” but shortly after assuming office, the Government got rid of all of them which begs the questions: what does the NDC have against young people? And, can Arley or NDC giving their word to rebuild a more modern athletic stadium hold water? Neither should Grenadians forget the $400.00 promised to the senior citizens for public assistance, nor the free University education for one child in every home.  To date, they are still awaiting it.  So don’t tell us NDC gave their word for that means nothing and will always mean nothing as NDC always promises but never delivers.
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