Former Grenadian Prime Minister and Leader of her Majesty’s Opposition, New National Party (NNP) vis

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ImageSunday August 14th 2011 – Ft. Lauderdale Fl: Despite the light- hearted chatter and social niceties of last evening’s cocktail reception; former Prime Minister of Grenada and leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, Dr. The Honorable Keith Mitchell; visited Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, on a serious mission. His mission was to deliver a message of hope and his vision of economic prosperity for the Caribbean Island of Grenada.

In addressing patrons at the reception, including Grenadian Floridians, friends from the USA and other Caribbean Islands and local dignitaries; Dr. Mitchell spoke of building and strengthening external relationships, as a means of encouraging foreign investment, into various sectors of the Grenadian economy.

Dr. Mitchell, highlighted the economic and social dilemma being now being faced by the Island. He stated “while it is clear that the global economic meltdown has affected Grenada, as it has affected many countries the world over; it is the strong belief of the Grenadian public and the opposition NNP, that the situation is worsened, by bad decisions of the present government, poor leadership and their negative attitude towards foreign Investors; labeling some honest businessmen, “crooks and criminals”.

It is against this background that Dr. Mitchell embarked on a tour of the Diaspora including London, Toronto, Washington DC, NY and Ft. Lauderdale to enlighten the community, on what is taking place in the Island and to inform them of the plans of the Opposition New National Party (NNP) to rescue the Island from the incompetent governance of the current National Democratic Congress (NDC) administration; which according to Dr. Mitchell has Grenada in a sad state of economic malaise and social deprivation.

Present at Last night’s function was Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness, in addressing the gathering; spoke of the creation of a business friendly environment, where the United States can build effective and productive partnerships with the Islands of the Caribbean. Also addressing the gathering was Mr. Andrew “Andy” Ingram, President/CEO of National Association of Black Hotel Owners, Operators & Developers, Inc (NABHOOD)

Dr. Mitchell solicited the support of the gathering to actively participate in what he called the “Rescue Mission”. Dr. Mitchell spoke off the important role that Grenadians in the Diaspora must play in supporting the political campaign, financially and otherwise; to ensure that the NNP gets back into office.
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