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Barnacle is Celebrating 20 Years!

Grenada’s leading business publication, Barnacle, is celebrating a milestone. The paper, whose motto is “Quality Beyond Parity,’’ is marking its 20th anniversary.

“The journey has not been an easy one. But I thank God, my wife and family, and staff – past and present – who have contributed to making the Barnacle the publication that it is today,’’ said Ian George, General Manager of Barnacle, which is a free monthly newspaper.

Barnacle does not exclude news and commentaries on important political, sporting and social issues, George said. However, he points out that the emphasis and strength of Barnacle is on business and economic matters.

“Because of our emphasis, because of strength, I would say that Barnacle has become the go-to publication for business in Grenada,’’ said George. “It’s where you find indepth interviews of business people and companies; where individuals and corporations are profiled; and it’s where you find out what’s happening in the Grenada business community.’’

Although its main publication is monthly, Barnacle has a website – www.barnaclegrenada.com – that is updated daily.

It also has published “specials;’’ issues of the paper, for example, on hurricanes, giving Grenadians tips on taking precautionary measures and on surviving.

Barnacle has also been applauded by the Ministry of Education, teachers and others in the education sector, for aiding in the preparation of students sitting the Common Entrance Examinations (CEE).

In the past two years, the paper has published a Junior Barnacle that has included a Common Entrance practice test.

The test was widely used throughout the school system. Records indicate that there was a high pass rate among CEE students who used the Junior Barnacle Common Entrance practice test.

“We know we are on the right track as a newspaper,’’ George said. “But we don’t intend to sit on our laurels. We’ll continue to dig deep and to find creative ways to improve our quality, widening our readership and expand the Barnacle. That’s what we are aiming to do.’’


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