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PM Welcomes Collaborative Approach to Grenada's Development

The government and the private sector have agreed to the establishment of a “partnership” to address Grenada’s economic challenges, including lowering unemployment.

Prime Minister, Hon. Tillman Thomas welcomed the new approach this morning, following a meeting with the newly elected President of the Grenada Chamber of Industry and Commerce, Aine Beaubrun Brathwaite and the Chamber’s Executive team at the Botanical Gardens.

“We have always seen the Chamber as the engine of economic growth but we need to move to making that statement a reality. The challenges we face affect everyone. Every sector, including government, feels the impact. It is therefore crucial that we work together to improve employment, stimulate production and move our country forward,” the Prime Minister said.

He called for greater investment of capital and better management of the country’s resources. He told the meeting that there is a dire need for private sector involvement in the agribusiness sector, which will improve the quality of life for farmers and agro-processors across the country.

The President of the Chamber sought “more tangible interaction” between the Chamber, the Ministry of Finance, the Grenada Industrial Development Corporation and the Grenada Development Bank.

“We believe there is a need for a more structured approach to the relationship between the government and the private sector. We must find ways of improving our exchange of information and our general dialogue,” Mrs. Brathwaite said.

Both the Prime Minister and the Chamber President agreed on the need for the establishment of permanent standing committees of stakeholders  to drive the process of “development and implementation” of initiatives designed to meet Grenada’s developmental objectives and to monitor the relations between the government and the private sector.

Today’s meeting was the first between the Prime Minister and the new Chamber President, who replaced Mr. Cedric Mitchell, whose intervention paved the way for some of the improvements that currently characterize Government/Chamber relations.

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