St. George’s, November 15, 2011:  A new board of directors have been appointed to serve on the Marketing National Importing Board (MNIB), and four of nine directors are new to the team that is mandated to provide guidance to the marketing of Grenada’s agricultural produce.
New to the team are Khalil Lewis-Smith, Natasha Marquez Sylvester, Ronald O’neale and Francis Paul.
Mr. Lewis-Smith is the Senior Trade Officer at the Ministry of Environment, Foreign Trade and Export Development; Mrs Marquez-Sylvester is the Debt Management Officer at the Ministry of Finance; Mr Ronald O’neale is an Agronomist attached to the European Union (EU) Spice Project; and Mr Francis Paul is an Attorney-at-Law.

“Not only are they new to the board but they also bring their individual expertise which I think will play an important role in bringing the MNIB forward,” said Minister with responsibility for the MNIB, Hon. Joseph Gilbert.  Mr. Gilbert also congratulated the other board members on their reappointment saying he expects a new vision will be embraced to make the MNIB more effective in its mandate.
The other five directors reappointed are:

· Ms Claudia Alexis: Former Manager and Corporate Secretary, Grenlec (Chairman)
· Ms Monique Noel: Manager, National Stadium Authority
· Mr. Cecil Winsborrow: Manager, National Stadium Authority
· Mr. Fred Belfon: Land Surveyor
· Mr. Slade Matheson Farmers Representative Carriacou

The Ministry of the Environment, Foreign Trade and Export Development has responsibility by statute for the Marketing and National Importing Board. The newly appointed board will serve for a period of two years.


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