ST.GEORGE’S, GRENADA, 1 DECEMBER 2011_Prime Minister Hon. Tillman Thomas on Wednesday, empathized with the business community and residents of Grenville and surrounding areas, during a visit to areas affected by flooding following heavy rains on Tuesday.

The Prime Minister visited the Grenville Police Station, affected businesses in various parts of the town and discussed the impact of the damage with vendors, who now occupy temporary facilities in the nutmeg station across the street from where work on the new Grenville market is taking place.

“We empathise with all those who have lost their supplies, especially as some of the stores were preparing for the Christmas season. We also share the loss of the vendors whose produce were affected by the flood waters and who were not able to serve their customers. It is a great loss,” the Prime Minister said.

He however applauded the efforts of the Fire Service of the Royal Grenada Police Force for assisting with the clean-up of the streets of the town and both the temporary market and the construction now underway for the new market.

He noted that plans for the installation of a new drainage system for the town of Grenville are now being developed, describing it as timely.

“We’ve always known that Grenville has a flooding problem and as such there are plans for correcting it with a new system. This is crucial if we are to help our vendors, store owners and other operators in Grenville to protect the premises during these rainstorms,” the Prime Minister said, noting that the issue of climate change has led to a significant shift in weather patterns in the region.

Following the visit to Grenville, the Prime Minister, accompanied by the Minister for Social Development and MP for St. Andrew South West, Hon. Sylvester Quarless and Minister for Youth Empowerment and Sports and MP for St. Andrew South East, Hon. Patrick Simmonds, also toured sections of Harford village, where mudslides had cut off residents on Tuesday.

Minister Simmonds, who spent nine hours with the people in the clean-up effort following the rains on Tuesday, praised the spirit of volunteerism and unity shown by the residents and business people in Grenville.

“Once the rains had subsided and people could leave where they were, they came out to assist in the effort to get the place clean again. It was commendable,” Mr Simmonds declared.

He also praised the heavy equipment operators who assisted in clearing the mudslides and debris that had blocked the roads in several areas of St. Andrew.

Harford Village residents welcomed the Prime Minister and his cabinet colleagues and thanked them for a speedy response to their situation.


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