ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, THURSDAY, DECEMBER 1, 2011 – Grenadian health officials are describing recent statements by Opposition MP for St. Mark, Dr. Claris Modeste-Curwen, pertaining to the Gouyave Health Centre project, as “utter nonsense and boldfaced lies.’’

The former NNP Health Minister, speaking a public meeting of the party on November 20 in St. Patrick, claimed that government had “destroyed the Health facility in Gouyave leaving the residents unable to access certain services in a timely manner. Over one year since it was destroyed; the government has refused to rebuild the facility even when funding was secured by the NNP administration.’’ 

The allegations by Dr. Modeste-Curwen have been dismissed by senior health officials, who have questioned whether she is “suffering from loss of memory or deliberately lying.’’

According to one official, the comments by the opposition parliamentarian are ridiculous and a demonstration that she is either misinformed, out of touch or really has nothing to say.

“I am wondering if Dr. Modeste-Curwen still travels the Western Main Road. Because if she does,’’ the official said, “then she is either blind not to notice that the demolition only took place in October of this year. All her charges are utter nonsense and boldfaced lies.’’

Terron Gilchrist, Policy Advisor to the Minister of Health, questioned that “if the facility was destroyed over a year ago, why only now is Dr. Modeste-Curwen speaking about it when she rants and raves so often about health? How come she never took any issue with it in the past?’’

The Ministry of Health, for the benefit of the public, publishes this fact sheet on the Gouyave Health Centre.

-         In January of 2009, the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Works declared the Gouyave Health Centre “as a sitting disaster” due to its deplorable, unhealthy and unsafe conditions.

-         Health care providers and clients were reluctant to go to the facility because it was NOT SAFE.

-         Two months later the services were relocated to the Gouyave Medical Unit on St. Benoit Street (behind the Gouyave vegetables market). Services at Grand Roy Medical Station and other facilities in the district were also beefed up.

-         The project is being done in phases. Phase one was the demolition and excavation of the old facility which started on October 5, 2011, and lasted for about two weeks.

-         Three of the five buildings that made up the medical complex were demolished.

-         The project was tendered by the Ministry of Works and Bhagwan’s Trucking and Equipment Services was awarded the contract to the tune of approx. EC $40,000.

-         The World Bank project which funded the HIV/AIDS program ended in June of 2008 and the government at the time lost every cent that was not used because they had refused to utilize the money that was earmarked for the Gouyave Health Centre Project.  The former administration dragged its feet on the Gouyave Health Centre Project, demonstrating a lack of concern for the health and wellbeing of the people of St. John.


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