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Government secures financial aid

The Grenada Skills Enhancement Project falls within a wider World Bank funded OECS Skills for Inclusive Growth Project which has as its objective to assist in improving the employability of youth through:
Provision of financial support for training and traineeship to increase access to relevant skills.
Improving the policy framework for optimizing training delivery by enhancing OECS collaboration on training.
Increasing the value and quality of training through the introduction of occupational standards and certification.
Improving institutional capacity for better implementation, monitoring and planning of skills training.
The activities under the grant will involve among other things:
The preparation of feasibility studies
Detailed project designs
Development of project implementation plans.
Carrying out of stakeholder consultations
In- country training.
Studies and workshops
Surveys and provision of technical advisory services.
These are intended to provide information for the development of a project that will address the specific needs and situation of Grenada. The World Bank has earmarked US$2.92 million dollars for the Grenada Project.
Other Countries participating in the projects are St. Lucia, Dominica, and St. Vincent and the Grenadines with similar amount of funds earmarked by the World Bank.

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