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PM Tillman Thomas Holds Special Meeting With GCA Board and Manager

ImageST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA; WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 17, 2011 –  Prime Minister Tillman Thomas yesterday held a closed-door meeting with the manager and  board members of the Grenada Cocoa Association (GCA) to discuss issues relevant to the current status and further development of cocoa production and processing in Grenada.

Coming out of the meeting, both the Prime Minister and the Board members had praise for the nation’s hard-working cocoa farmers, the Grenada Chocolate Company of St. Patrick, and the farm support and fertilizer assistance programs of the Ministry of Agriculture.  However, they also objectively had some concerns over certain areas and issues which were identified as having room for improvement.

Opposition Congratulates the RGPF for outstanding work during Carnival Celebrations

ImageSt. George’s, Grenada, August 11th 2011: Leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, Dr. the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell, congratulates the officers of the Royal Grenada Police Force for their outstanding work during the carnival celebrations. “Your presence in large numbers at every show and on the streets was indeed a deterrent to those who could have chosen to misbehave and a comfort to the patrons, citizens and visitors who were enjoying the celebrations.” 

Successful Diaspora Founding Conference, A First Step

ImageST. GEORGE, GRENADA, 4th AUGUST, 2011_“Building bridges”! That’s the way Prime Minister Tillman Thomas described his government’s efforts to encourage his countrymen residing in developed countries to deepen their participation in the development of Grenada.

The Prime Minister’s comments on Thursday, followed a successful two day Diaspora Founding Conference, which attracted participants from North America, Europe and China. He said that while a “significant” portion of Grenada’s GDP depended on remittances, there is a need for a more coordinated approach to utilizing the talents, skills and investment resources of the Diaspora.

Prime Minister Pleased With Resolution

ImageST.GEORGE’S, GRENADA, 4th AUGUST, 2011_Prime Minister Tillman Thomas has welcomed the resolution to the industrial action by LIAT workers at the Maurice Bishop International airport that will allow a resumption of flights to the island.

“I am very pleased that a resolution has been achieved. However this situation has already affected our August festivals, our tourism sector and our economy, at a time when we could ill afford any disruption. I applaud the efforts of those involved in forging this resolution in the interest of all Grenadians,” the Prime Minister said.

Trinidad Government Minister is special Spicemas Guest

ImageSt. George’s, August 5, 2011 – Trinidad and Tobago’s Minister of Arts and Multiculturalism has pledged to continue doing his utmost to assist the government and people of Grenada.

“Anything I can do within my capability, I will do for Grenada,’’ Winston Peters said Friday morning shortly arriving in Grenada as a guest of the government on the occasion of Spicemas 2011.

Peters, known as entertainer Gypsy, is a former Trinidad and Tobago Calypso Monarch who has visited and performed in Grenada on numerous occasions.

Senator Arley Gill, Grenada’s Minister with responsibility for Culture, has worked closely with Peters in the build up to this year’s Spicemas.

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